DJ Diehl is an upcoming Brazilian musician, producer and DJ. His musical productions are inspired and influenced by a mix of diverse genres, creating a unique sound.

In 2010, Diehl won the prestigious Producer Breakthrough award in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The event led to more than an award, and Diehl gained national recognition and in an instant his career was boosted to an unprecedented level. Electronic music legend Mozart Riggi approached him after his success and invited him to join his label 'Elements'.

Since the award, Diehl has been producing new tracks on a continuous basis and his audience is growing ever since. Dedication and talent led to his first two EP releases with 'Digital Elements' in 2011. With the tracks 'Just Thoughts' and 'Bounce', Diehl is moving between different genres, creating a distinctive and recognizable sound.

In a couple of years, Diehl managed to have a successful career that is marked by his passion for music. He loves to entertain and share his music with the world, and he believes that music is the universal language and is a pleasure for the soul. This passionate and dedicated artist is able to elevate every audience in the world.